How to Prevent a HIPAA Complaint in the Pharmacy

HIPAA Complaints

It is important to understand what HIPAA is and how to avoid HIPAA complaints from patients during your work shifts in the Pharmacy. Violating patient confidentiality in any way can lead to substantial fines for your Pharmacy and can even cause you to lose your … Read more

Prior Authorizations and the Pharmacy Tech

Prior Authorizations

Prior authorizations have become increasingly important as newer drugs come on the market to treat many diseases and conditions. A proper understanding of the intricacies of the prior authorization process, especially for patients on Medicare, can help streamline the approval process and enhance efficiency in … Read more

Automation Technology in the Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Technician

Automation Technology in the Pharmacy

Automation Technology has been used in pharmacies for decades.  It helps to speed prescription filling and processing, reduces filling errors and waste, enhances security, helps ensure patient safety and reduces labor costs.  Automation products include Automatic Unit Dose and Multi-Med Oral solid tablet packagers, Barcode … Read more

Critical Care Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Technician

Critical Care Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians often work in pharmacies in hospitals and medical centers assisting licensed Pharmacists who are trained in Critical Care Pharmacy. In this position, Pharmacy Technicians are responsible for filling medication orders and mixing IV medications and IV fluids under the supervision of a Pharmacist. … Read more

Important Customer Service Skills for Pharmacy Technicians

Customer Service Skills for Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians engage with customers, patients, health care providers, insurance companies and co-workers regularly on a daily basis. Good customer service skills are essential and go beyond greeting customers with a smile. Technicians should accept early in their career that patients will not always respond … Read more

Essentials of Pain Management and the Pharmacy Technician

Pain Management and Pharmacy Technician

As our population continues to age, more and more Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are becoming involved in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that approximately 11% of adults suffer from some degree of daily … Read more

Laws Governing Pharmacy Technician’s Practice

Laws Governing Pharmacy Technicians Practice

As a Pharmacy Technician, your pharmacy technician practice is closely monitored by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s (PTCB) Code of Conduct for Pharmacy Technicians and by Federal laws and the laws of your state and locality. Failure to abide by these regulations and codes can … Read more

Ethical Issues in Pharmacy Tech

Ethics in Pharmacy Tech

As a certified Pharmacy Technician, you are always expected to adhere to a rigorous code of ethics. Failure to do so can result is suspension or even revocation of your Pharmacy Technician licensure by your State Board of Pharmacy. Knowledge of the PTCB code of … Read more

Guide on Financial Aid for Pharmacy Technicians

Guide on financial aid for pharmacy technicians

Training to become a Pharmacy Technician can take from 12 to 24 months and can be quite expensive. Understanding the Grants, Scholarships and Financial Aid available can help ease the financial burden of Pharmacy Technician training. Read on to learn about Federal and Private Grants … Read more

The Benefits of Acquiring a Pharmacy Technician License

The Benefits of Acquiring a Pharmacy Technician License

Filling the role of a pharmacy technician comes with numerous perks. Along with career advancement opportunities, you’ll enjoy working with a team of professionals who have a deep passion for improving the livelihood of a diverse range of patients. Thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician? … Read more

Tips on How to Screen Prescriptions for Accuracy and Completeness

How to Screen Prescriptions for Accuracy and Completeness

Adverse Drug Events (ADES) are by definition injuries resulting from either medication errors, allergic reactions, overdoses or adverse drug reactions. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medication errors harm an estimated 1.5 million people annually at an estimated cost … Read more

How to Specialize in IV Meds or Oncology as a Pharmacy Tech

IV Meds or Oncology as Pharmacy Technician

Specializing as a pharmacy technician in intravenous medications (IV Meds) or oncology can provide an exciting, lucrative and critically important career path. This additional training can allow for a career as a specially trained pharmacy technician in which you can help contribute to improved patient … Read more

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Without Any Training

Become Pharmacy Tech without education

The role of the pharmacy technician is very important to any pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians must have working knowledge of pharmacy operations, procedures, HIPAA regulations, and medications. Although there are many resources which offer training for pharmacy technicians, a person can become a pharmacy technician without … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Pharmacy technicians have many responsibilities. As a part of the medical profession, they work to ensure and improve the health of their patients. They must be skilled in several different areas and they undergo extensive training to prepare for their duties. The type of training … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Certification Programs

Pharmacy technician certification programs

Today’s job market is very competitive. Companies are cutting back and looking for ways to save money. This means that well trained employees are being given more responsibility, while less qualified individuals are being let go. Pharmacy technicians are no exception. Although most states do … Read more

What Is Being Taught in a Pharmacy Technician Course

Pharmacy technician course

Many vocational schools and community colleges offer pharmacy technician programs, some of which are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, ASHP. Associate degree programs usually take approximately two years to complete while most certificates can be obtained in as little as one year … Read more

I Am a Pharmacy Technician. How Do I Become a Pharmacist?

How Pharmacy Technician can become pharmacist

CPhT to PharmD Working as a pharmacy technician gives an individual a good understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. A person who is a pharmacy technician first tends to be a more prepared pharmacist than a person who becomes a pharmacist without being a pharmacy technician. … Read more

Online Pharmacy Tech Schools Do Not Fit Everyone

Pharmacy tech school not for everyone

Pharmacy technician is a growing career choice today. Many states are increasing educational and training requirements for working as a pharmacy technician. This is causing a ripple effect in those states. As pharmacy technicians are being required to have formal training and become certified, schools … Read more

Is it Possible to Prepare for the PTCB Exam Without Going to School?

Prepare for pharmacy tech exam

During recent years many community colleges and universities have begun offering degree programs in pharmacy technician. These include Associates in Science Pharmacy Technician (AS PhT) and Bachelors in Science Pharmacy Technician (BS PhT) degrees. There are also many accredited and unaccredited private schools offering diploma … Read more

What is PTCB?

What is PTCB

PTCB stands for “Pharmacy Technician Certification Board”. It is a private national organization which provides certification to qualified pharmacy technicians. Their goal is to promote more effective pharmacy technicians and ensure safe patient care to pharmacy customers. PTCB History The PTCB was established in 1995 … Read more

How to Study and Prepare for Pharmacy Technician Exam

Prepare for pharmacy tech exam

The ExCPT exam is a standardized test consisting of 90 multiple choice questions. The questions cover all topics which a pharmacy technician should be familiar with such as pharmacy law, HIPAA regulations, pharmacy math, and pharmacy administration. There are many techniques which can be used … Read more

The Difference Between a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician

Difference between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work closely together to deliver medications, advice, and assistance to their patients. The pharmacist relies on the pharmacy technician for many daily tasks, and the technician looks to the pharmacist for guidance. The pharmacist and pharmacy technician are like a right … Read more