Telepharmacy and the Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician telepharmacy

Telepharmacy has opened up a new area of specialization for Pharmacy Technicians. Through the use of video conferencing and Interactive Voice Response Systems (VRS), Pharmacy Technicians have the opportunity to work closely under the supervision of a licensed Pharmacist located in a distant location to … Read more

What to Expect in Your First Pharmacy Technician Job

First day at Pharmacy technician job

Starting your first Pharmacy Technician job can be daunting and stressful and it can often take several weeks or longer to feel comfortable in this new position. To help ease your transition to this new job, it is helpful to know what to expect so … Read more

The Role of Pharmacy Techs in Natural Disasters

Pharmacy Technicians in Natural disasters

It is extremely important to understand your role as a Pharmacy Technician in case of a natural disaster so that you can prepare to function effectively. This includes preparing to take appropriate actions under the supervision of a Pharmacist in natural disasters such as hurricanes, … Read more

How to Mistake-Proof the Pharmacy

Mistake proof a pharmacy

When working in a Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician, care and preparation can help to avoid potentially dangerous and costly medication errors and mistakes. Standardizing intake procedures to always include the patient’s name, address, date of birth and carefully analyzing patient medications, medical history and … Read more

Working in a Mail Order Pharmacy

Mail Order Pharmacy Technician

In this digital age, one of the fastest expanding pharmacy market trends is that of Mail Order Pharmacies. Mail Order Pharmacies can often provide prescriptions at lower costs due to reduced overhead and serve millions of customers. Read on to learn about the many job … Read more

The Pharmacy Technician’s Role in Drug Studies

Pharmacy Technician role in drug study

Drug studies (clinical trials) are crucial in developing new medications to treat many illnesses. Pharmacy Technicians are increasingly working in facilities that conduct drug studies and have become important members of drug research and development teams. Read on to learn more about the expanding market … Read more

Ethical Issues in Pharmacy Tech

Ethics in Pharmacy Tech

As a certified Pharmacy Technician, you are always expected to adhere to a rigorous code of ethics. Failure to do so can result is suspension or even revocation of your Pharmacy Technician licensure by your State Board of Pharmacy. Knowledge of the PTCB code of … Read more

Guide on Getting Hired as a Pharmacy Technician

How to get hired as a pharmacy technician

When you apply for a job as a Pharmacy Technician at a major pharmacy chain or a small community or hospital pharmacy , understanding the educational requirements, the experience and certification requirements, the hiring and interview process and how best to present yourself can make … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Salary

Pharmacy Technician Salary

Pharmacy technicians are essential to the day-to-day operations of any pharmacy, nursing home or hospital. They work in a wide array of settings, and their job duties vary with employment location. This means that the expected salary of a pharmacy technician varies greatly depending on … Read more

A Typical Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Typical Day

Pharmacy technicians are some of the most essential professionals in the healthcare services industries. But relatively few people are aware of what they do. They typically work alongside their more familiar counterparts –pharmacists– and perform a wide range of tasks unique to their position. Like … Read more

How to Specialize in IV Meds or Oncology as a Pharmacy Tech

IV Meds or Oncology as Pharmacy Technician

Specializing as a pharmacy technician in intravenous medications (IV Meds) or oncology can provide an exciting, lucrative and critically important career path. This additional training can allow for a career as a specially trained pharmacy technician in which you can help contribute to improved patient … Read more

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Without Any Training

Become Pharmacy Tech without education

The role of the pharmacy technician is very important to any pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians must have working knowledge of pharmacy operations, procedures, HIPAA regulations, and medications. Although there are many resources which offer training for pharmacy technicians, a person can become a pharmacy technician without … Read more

Getting a Pharmacy Technician Job at Walgreens

How to get pharmacy technician job at Walgreens

Walgreens is one of the leading national retail pharmacy chains in the United States, employing thousands of pharmacy technicians. Walgreens pharmacy technicians can work in the retail store, the CPO (Central Pharmacy Operation), or they may work in multiple locations. Pharmacy technicians at Walgreens enjoy … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Pharmacy Technician Duties and Job Description

Pharmacy technicians are the driving force behind millions of pharmacies all over the world. Their job description includes many important duties and no two days are ever the same. Thanks to the support of pharmacy technicians, the pharmacy can run like a well oiled machine, … Read more

Working in a Hospital Pharmacy Versus a Retail Pharmacy

Hospital or Retail pharmacy

The majority of pharmacy technicians work in retail pharmacies, but the most coveted pharmacy technician position is often in a hospital pharmacy. There is a very good reason for this: hospital pharmacy technicians earn about 20% higher salaries than retail pharmacy technicians. Though their duties … Read more

Pharmacy Technician Career Advancement

Pharmacy Technician Career Advancement

As the field of pharmacy evolves, the role of the pharmacy technician is shifting into areas that require more specialized skills and knowledge. Current pharmacy practices involve the pharmacy technician in prescription dispensing, data input, insurance billing, inventory maintenance, packaging, purchasing, compounding sterile and non-sterile … Read more

Why Choose a Low-Paying Pharmacy Technician Career?

Why choose pharmacy tech

People choose careers for a variety of reasons: money, fame, or recognition. One would not choose to be a pharmacy technician for the above reasons as the wage is not at all reflective of what individuals in that profession do, and fame and recognition just … Read more

Is Pharmacy Technician Career Highly Stressful?

Is pharmacy technician job stressful

People often wonder if being a pharmacy technician is stressful. The simple answer is “yes”. Any job can be stressful when a person is subjected to persistent tension or strain. Pharmacy technicians worry (or should worry) whether or not they have dispensed the wrong medication, … Read more

I Am a Pharmacy Technician. How Do I Become a Pharmacist?

How Pharmacy Technician can become pharmacist

CPhT to PharmD Working as a pharmacy technician gives an individual a good understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. A person who is a pharmacy technician first tends to be a more prepared pharmacist than a person who becomes a pharmacist without being a pharmacy technician. … Read more

Where Do Pharmacy Technicians Work?

Where pharmacy technicians work

In today’s marketplace, pharmacy technicians can choose from a variety of work environments. Some work closely with patients, while others never see their patients. The choices available to pharmacy technicians allow them to choose their working hours. Some have set schedules, while others may be … Read more

The Difference Between a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician

Difference between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work closely together to deliver medications, advice, and assistance to their patients. The pharmacist relies on the pharmacy technician for many daily tasks, and the technician looks to the pharmacist for guidance. The pharmacist and pharmacy technician are like a right … Read more