Reputable Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

More and more students are interested in online education. Such trend can be seen nation and world-wide and is occurring for a couple of reasons in my opinion. First, students are torn between the demands of life (i.e., family, children, and work) and school. They want to further their position in society but are unable to due to financial or personal reasons mentioned above. A second reason, and probably the most common, is that students really think that online education is easier than traditional education. Well, I will tell you that online education, if done correctly, is actually harder for most than traditional schooling model. As a result, they are more likely to either fail out or give up. Online education is not for the faint of heart. It will require an immense amount of time and effort on the students’ part. While I cannot provide specific names of schools, this article will provide you some things to look for and think about when choosing an online pharmacy technician school.


Ask yourself, “Is this college accredited?” If not, DO NOT ENROLL. Furthermore, it is even better if the specific program of your choosing is accredited. Accreditation is a way to ensure that the program you chose has been looked at by a third party. It is a way to ensure that your money is going to go toward a degree that employers will view as beneficial.

Financial Aid

You will notice that accreditation and financial aid go hand-in-hand. If the college is not accredited, chances are that they will not participate in financial aid. If the college you inquire about does not participate in financial aid, DO NOT ENROLL. You do not have to take out financial aid but be sure that they are participating in financial aid. Again, it is a way to protect yourself and your investment.

Rigor of Program

When looking at a program of study, be sure to ask whether or not the face-to-face program and the online program are rated similarly in terms of rigor. If they are not, tread lightly. If the program is “easier”, that is not a good sign. Again, your investments of time and money are precious. Be cautious not to think that easier is better.


Cost is also important. Believe it or not, the cheaper the program, the more cautious you should be. Be sure to compare the cost of your program of choice with other programs in the area to make sure that they are comparable. It is a red flag if it is too cheap or too expensive. For example, if your area averages $5,000 for a program, colleges that offer $2,400 or $10,000 programs should raise up red flags.

Be sure to do your research before you enroll and or sign a contract. Also, be sure to read the contract in its entirety. Question parts that you are not sure about. Make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. Ask other people about their experiences with the college and or the online program. Last but not least, listen to that voice inside of you. If you feel uneasy, there is probably a good reason for that feeling.

Elina works full-time at Southeast Community College, running an ASHP-accredited pharmacy technician program, and works part-time for the Arts and Sciences division.
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